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Hillside Stable LLC
Horse Lease Agreement

Horse Info:
Name of Horse:__________________________________________________________
Age: ___________________________________________________________________

Leasee Info:
Phone Number:__________________________________________________________
Drivers License Number:__________________________________________________

I. Parties
The parties to this lease agreement are _________________ ( hereinafter referred to as “LESSEE”), a resident of the state of ________________ in the town of _____________
Residing at  _____________________________ and Hillside Stable LLC, ( hereinafter referred to as “LESSOR”). THE PARTIES, in consideration of the mutual covenants contained herein, do hereby agree as follows:

II. Lease Term And Price
A. LESSOR agrees to lease the above listed horse to LESSEE on a month to month basis, beginning on ____/____/_____. LESSOR agrees to grant LESSEE access to the horse ____ day (s) a week for 1 hour per day. LESSEE must ask permission and notify LESSOR as to which days LESSEE will be using the above mentioned horse. LESSOR must then approve those days. LESSEE can only use the above mentioned horse at the times approved by LESSOR. 
B. LESSEE agrees to pay LESSOR the sum of $_40 per ride_ by the 1st day of every month.  Lease fees paid after the 7th day of the month are subject to a $35 late fee.  A fee of $40 will be charged for any check returned due to insufficient funds. 
C. LESSEE may terminate the lease by giving LESSOR thirty (30) days written notice.
D. LESSOR may terminate the lease at any time for any reason. If LESSOR terminates the lease and LESSEE still has remaining riding time that has already been paid for but not yet used, LESSOR will refund the payment for the riding time that has not yet been used. 
E. LESSEE has the right to use the lease horse’s tack, however LESSEE must always return the tack in the same condition. Should the tack become damaged while in the care of LESSEE, LESSEE agrees he/she shall be held responsible. If the tack can be repaired LESSOR will get a written repair quote, LESSEE agrees to pay for all repairs. Should the tack be unfixable LESSEE agrees to pay replacement cost. LESSEE may use their own tack, but LESSOR must approve the fit and suitability of the tack for the horse before use. 
F. LESSEE shall NOT have the right to sub-lease the horse. ONLY the LESEE is granted permission to ride the horse. No other riders are allowed to ride the horse, or handle the horse in anyway, unless LESSOR is present to supervise and has granted them permission to ride. All riders must sign a liability waiver before riding. 

III. Care of the Horse
A. LESSOR shall be responsible for all routine care and feeding of horse. LESSOR also agrees to pay for routine veterinary and farrier care. 
B. LESSEE agrees to humanely treat and care for horse. If any injury occurs to the horse while under LESSEE’S care or supervision, LESSEE agrees to be responsible for paying any and all veterinary expenses. LESSEE must immediately notify LESSOR of any injury or illness. The horse is to be treated only by a licensed equine veterinarian of the LESSORS choosing.   __________ LESSEE INITIALS
B. LESSEE agrees not to take the horse from its current location at Hillside Stable without prior written permission from LESSOR.
C. LESSEE agrees to follow LESSOR’S advice on how to care for and train the horse and LESSEE further agrees to follow all of the stable’s rules and regulations. 
D. LESSEE agrees not to jump the horse. LESSEE agrees to only ride the horse in the indoor arena.
E. LESSEE agrees to always properly warm up the horse before each ride and cool out the horse after each ride. The horse needs to be walked until the horse’s chest temperature has returned to normal, and the horse’s breathing rate has returned to normal.  In the winter this includes covering the horse with a cooler until the horse is DRY and then switching the horse to its proper blankets. In the summer the horse should be showered off if it is sweaty and the weather is warm. 
F. LESSEE agrees to properly groom the horse before and after each ride. This includes cleaning out all four hooves. 
G. LESSEE agrees to neatly put away all tack and equipment after each ride. This includes sweeping up any mess left in the aisle way before leaving the area to ride. 
H. LESSEE agrees to always wear a astm/sei certified horseback riding helmet when mounted. 
I. LESSEE is NOT to hand feed the horse any treats or food. All treats must be pre-approved by LESSOR and must be placed in the horses feed bucket. LESSEE may hand graze the horse with prior permission from LESSOR. Absolutely NO grazing with the bridle on. 
LESSEE and LESSOR agree that the agreed upon value of the horse is $ _____________, 
Should the horse be stolen, suffer career ending injury, death, or in any other way become unusable due to negligence on the part of LESSEE, in addition to any veterinary expenses incurred, LESSEE also agrees to pay the agreed upon value of the horse to the LESSOR. 
______________________ (LESSEE’S INITIALS)

Conditions of Liability. LESSEE agrees that LESSOR is not responsible for total or partial acts, occurrences, or elements of nature that can scare a horse, cause it to fall, or react in some other unsafe way. Some examples are: thunder, lightening, rain, wind, water; wild and domestic animals, insects, and reptiles which may walk, run, fly near, bite, or sting a horse; and irregular footing on outdoor or indoor groomed or wild land which is subject to constant change in condition according to weather, temperature, natural and man-made changes in landscape. Neither LESSOR or stable or its employees and associates are liable for any accidents, injuries, or thefts to animals and personal property kept at the stable. LESSEE understands that horseback riding carries certain risks and dangers, and that LESSEE will use best judgment to always take safety
first into consideration while riding the horse, including always wearing a safety helmet. By signing below, LESSEE releases LESSOR of all liability in connection with any injury sustained as a result of LESSEE’S activities on the horse. LESSEE also acknowledges that horseback riding is an inherently risky activity and hereby releases LESSOR, and stable, and any other person associated with stable from ANY liability for injury, damage, or loss to LESSEE or LESSEE’S equipment. LESSEE understands that stable requires the use of helmets for each rider. LESSEE will NOT be allowed to ride the horse without the use of a ASTM/SEI approved horseback riding helmet with a safety harness. Said helmet shall meet all ASTM F1163-00 standards and shall meet or exceed SEI certified standards. LESSEE understands that LESSOR is not responsible for any accidents, injuries, damage, or loss to LESSEE or LESSE’S personal property, in conjunction with the horse. 

Warning: There are inherent risks of injury that you voluntarily accept in connection with your riding, and other activities (which are not limited to grooming, longing, feeding, bathing, hoof care, etc.) with the horse.  LESSEE, as part of this Agreement, agrees to sign the Waiver of Liability attached
to this Agreement. ________ (LESSEE initial)

LESSOR represents that the horse is in sound health and that there are no known illnesses, infirmities, or unsoundness.
THIS LEASE AGREEMENT is entered into in the state of Connecticut and will be interpreted and enforced under the laws of that state.
_____________________________Date: __________
Lessor/Owner Signature
_____________________________Date: __________
Lessee Signature
Print Name of Lessee

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