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Stable Rules

1.) All riders, even guests, must sign a liability waiver before mounting any horse.

2.) All riders, even those over 18 years of age, must wear an ASTM/SEI certified horseback riding helmet when mounted on any horse.

3.) No dogs or other animals allowed.

4.) No smoking or Drinking allowed anywhere on the facility property.

5.) Clean up after your horse (if your horse poops in the aisle way ect)

6.) While discipline may be necessary, physical abuse of any horse will not be tolerated.

7.) Boarders are responsible for their guests. Guests are bound by the same rules as boarders.

8.) Minors are not allowed to trade horses, or ride any horse other than their own unless a parent is present or written permission has been provided to the stable.

9.) No visitors or boarders allowed in the hayloft at any time.

10.) All riders must wear boots with a heel and attire appropriate for riding.

11.) Boarders are to use their own supplies. Please do not borrow anyone else's equipment or supplies without permission.

12.) Halters cannot be left on stalled or turned out horses unless it is a breakaway halter. A halter and lead rope must be left on your stall door at all times.

13.) Never leave your horse unattended while in the cross ties or wash stall.

14.) If you notice that any horse is colicky, agitated, lame, sick or anything else out of the ordinary, please report it to the stable immediately.

15.) Never place your horse in a turnout area or stall other than it's own.

16.) Extend courtesy to other riders. Maintain open space, and pass on the left shoulder, or call outside/inside when passing.

17.) You may keep food/drinks in the office refrigerator, but please label it. Do not take anything that is not yours. Food over one week old will be thrown out.

18.) Do not feed or handle any horse that does not belong to you without the owners permission.

19.) Turn off lights in the barn, tack room, arena, ect when you are done using the area.

20.) If a gate or door is open please leave it open, if it is closed, please close it after you.

21.) Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Parents are still responsible for children over 13 years of age actions even if the parent is not present while the child is at the facility.

22.) Please do not help yourself to hay, grain or bedding.



        By signing you agree that you understand and will abide by the Hillside Stable's rules.


        __________________________________________________ __________________

        Signature                                                                                       Date

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